Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Time for Eyeliner!

What are these two awesome products? Why, they are a pencil sharpener and No Place To Run Longwear Eyeliner!

No Place To Run Longwear Eyeliner is a unique formula designed to provide long lasting wear with a smooth even application. Unlike, traditional wood pencils the lead of this eyeliner pencil is encased in plastic to preserve the formula. The benefit is a long lasting effect with a soft, smooth glide on application. For best results with sharpening, we recommend our mark. pencil sharpener. Please note: When sharpening there is no need to apply pressure as the plastic casing shaves off easily without effort. Sounds cool, huh?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Do Good for Your Skin AND the World!

Check out mark's latest line of skin care made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ridiculously Awesome Promotion!

Check out this INCREDIBLE offer mark. is making!

Spend $45 and get FREE: Touch of Lace Scarf, Totally Balmed in Hot, LipClick in Ruffle & Free Shipping. Code: GIFT45

Spend $75 and get FREE: Touch of Lace Scarf, Sleek Cosmetics Case, Sassy Dry Oil Mist, LipClick in Ruffle & Free Shipping! Code: Gift75

Spend $100 and get FREE: Touch of Lace Scarf, LipClick in Ruffle, Arm Candy Bag in Black, Totally Balmed in Hot & Free Shipping Code:Gift100

That's a LOT of free stuff...and FREE shipping! Can't beat it! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winkstick Discontinuation!

The ever popular Winkstick is retiring from mark. But never fear, there are great substitutes for you to use!

If you like Winkstick colors Envy, Coy, Demure, or Glitzy, you'll go crazy for Longwear Eyeliner and Shadow in Iconic, Industria, Exposure, and Surreal. (click here for a link)

If you're crazy about shades Moody, Wealthy, and Heartfelt, try i-Mark in South Beach, Gioia, and Fairy Dust. (click here for a link)

For a Winkstick substitute in Innocent, give the Mini Mark It Stick a try in cocoa. (click here for a link)

Online Party January 8th, 2011!

I am excited to announce my first mark. party! Due to financial reasons I cannot at this time throw a real party, so we're going virtual! It's taking place on Facebook and is open to the public. I will post a link for you to click right to it! Event page link.

Now, about the party...

Ready for the latest and greatest makeup trend? Join me for a night of learning about it and the best part - PRIZES!

mark. is a new offshoot of Avon geared towards the younger crowd. We sell very affordable makeup (we're talking drugstore prices with top notch quality here), body care products, clothing, and accessories. By wearing mark. you will be at the forefront of a new trend. There is no pressure to buy anything , thoug...h if you DO decide to make a wise purchase you will receive FREE shipping direct to your home AND be eligible for prizes!

I (Katie) will be available starting at 6:30pm EST until at least 8:30pm EST to answer any questions you have about mark. products. You can contact me via Facebook chat, AIM at kinetickatie86, or by text at 317-840-9191. I will be posting links to helpful makeup videos from mark. and my favorite YouTube makeup gurus and answering your questions throughout the party time. We will also play games where you can win free product, not just samples!

Anyone in attendance (those who play the games) will receive a kit of samples just for playing!

Now the best part: PRIZES!

Game 1: i-Mark Eyeshadow Luck of the Draw
In this game you will pick your favorite shade of i-Mark eyeshadow and post it here on the wall or you can message me. Once everyone has chosen their favorite shade, I will (on video via YouTube) pull a random shade from a bag. If your color is picked, you will win that shade of i-Mark eyeshadow! I will do this three times so you all have a better chance at winning.

Game 2: The Envelope
This game is meant to be played in person, but it will work online. I will have four "envelopes" with each envelope containing a mark. product. The envelopes will be labeled $10, $20, $30, and $40+. If you make a purchase of at least $10, you will get the prize inside the $10 envelope. The same applies to the other envelopes. The prizes are more valuable as the price on the envelope goes up!

Game 3: i-Mark Bingo
This game will also be a bit different since it's online. I will have a designated "BINGO" (only it will be IMARK) board for each person in attendance. I will go by alphabetical order of last name to choose different cards. Then I will, one by one, pull a shade of i-Mark eyeshadow out of a bag and mark off everyone's sheet that has that shade. The first person's card to reach IMARK will win! The prize will be the mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer worth $16!

And finally, the Grand Prize! Anyone who makes at least a $10 purchase during the "party" (remember shipping is free!) will be entered to win the mark Super Flip Color Kit (One all-new palette with 9 shades for eyes and 9 shades for lips! The ultimate two-sided palette, available just for the holidays! Shadows range from shimmery to matte; flip the palette around for lip glosses as well as opaque shades. Three lip colors (Lucky, Plush and Wild)) worth $20! For every $10 you spend you will get another entry!

Feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier!



Welcome to my blog! This will be the place where you can keep up with parties, promotions, and insider information that only Reps get (until I share it with you, that is!). So take a look around and have a peek at my store here: Katie's mark. Store